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Boxx Communications

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Areas Served:
U.S., Latin America

Digital microwave systems for live broadcast

Category Specialties
Wireless systems for broadcast, live-to-air, zero-delay ENG, in-venue big screens, video assist, video production, flying drones

About Boxx Communications

BoxxUSA is the wireless division of Boxx Communications, an authorized reseller of Boxx TV's products in the USA.

Boxx TV is an Emmy-Award® winning company. It provides innovative, next generation wireless camera system solutions that enable the broadcast and film industries to push the envelope using wireless video.

BoxxUSA provides Zero Delay HD/SD Wireless camera solutions for:

• ENG HD/SD broadcast
• Live To Air HD/SD Broadcast –Steadicam and Handheld cameras
• Video Assist packages for Video-Cinema
• In Stadium-Arena Fan cam for Big Screen coverage

The Boxx Product Portfolio Includes:

• Meridian Zero Delay HD WIRELESS camera System which provides 4:2:2 uncompressed video.

• The Zenith Wireless System is designed for HD live productions, Big screens, Drone Helicopters, Reality shows where range and signal reliability are essential.

• Tallis, an iris control and tally indicator accessory for wireless camera rigs. BoxxUSA is offering their Iris Control and Tally for all broadcast and video productions, outdoor screen applications, conference centers wedding videography and webcasting.

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BoxxUSA supports all product sales and will demo every product upon request!

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