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  • Presslaff Interactive Revenue

    Presslaff Interactive Revenue

    21250 Hawthorne Blvd.,, Suite 545,, Torrance,, CA. 90503
    Contact: Michelle Novak / 203-857-4277
    Database management and integration with registration, e-mailing
    If you’re looking to build, unify and profit from your email database, call Presslaff Interactive Revenue. It provides Dat-e-Basesm, the system that unifies your databases and integrates registration, highly targeted email marketing, contests, surveys and social media apps in one robust platform. PIR’s industry recognized marketing expertise ensures your database will yield sales dollars and increase audience engagement. Features include: Email Templates, a robust contest and survey engine, Facebook contest apps, A.C.E.℠ Automated Circulation Email subscription renewal notices, sales webinars, email best practices, data analysis and ideas.