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Three Levels of Opportunity

The BrandConnections Directory offers advertisers three levels of opportunity:

Free Listings: NewsCheckMedia Custom Publishing editors compile all basic listings, working consistently to keep them updated and as comprehensive as possible. The goal here is to provide users with an easily accessible directory of all available services in each category.

Enhanced Listings: Advertisers can enhance their listings with company logos, Website URLs, and a paragraph describing what the company offers.

Premium Pages: For advertisers who want to offer a fuller picture of what sets them apart from their competitors, Premium Pages carry photos, videos, "What Sets Us Apart" copy, links to recent news, insight papers, social media, and blog posts and more. Premium Pages are highly customizable and may be updated as frequently as the advertiser chooses.

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about brandconnections

BrandConnections is a comprehensive directory of services for digital and legacy media executives, managers and professionals.

It works in concert with Keyword-Targeted Native Advertising that drives traffic from relevant stories on NetNewsCheck.com, TVNewsCheck.com and their companion e-newsletters to categories and premium pages in the directory.

For users, the BrandConnections directory offers a convenient, comprehensive, continuously updated resource that simplifies their search for the products and services they need.

"Back to my Story" links make it easy for readers to browse back and forth between the directory and stories on NetNewsCheck and TVNewsCheck, so readers have a seamless news/information gathering experience.

Content on the directory, including links to Special Reports, profiles and op-ed pieces, makes it easy for users to find even more information about the business, content and technological challenges they are trying to resolve by shopping for new products and services.

For advertisers, the BrandConnections Directory and Native Advertising Solution offer the opportunity to connect with highly relevant breaking news stories, trend stories, opinion pieces and ideas published every day on NetNewsCheck.com and TVNewsCheck.com.

Traffic Drivers

NewsCheckMedia drives traffic to the directory in these ways:

  • Native Ads appearing in high rotation in stories link readers directly to the Premium Pages of relevant advertisers, or, in medium rotation, to relevant categories of the BrandConnections directory.
  • "This Week's BrandConnections" links appear on the home pages and companion e-newsletters of NetNewsCheck.com and TVNewsCheck.com.
  • BrandConnections links, listed at the bottom of stories, connect readers to relevant products, services and categories in the directory.
  • Display ads appearing on the sites and newsletters, driving readers to categories or Premium Pages.

About NewsCheckMedia

BrandConnections is produced by NewsCheckMedia, operator of two business-to-business news websites.

NetNewsCheck.com reaches an elite audience of digital decision-makers and C-Suite executives at newspaper, TV, radio, directory/search and Internet pureplay companies.

TVNewsCheck.com is the No. 1 source of business news for the broadcast television industry. Its readership skews heavily toward owners and senior and middle management with a broad reach that includes executives in finance, programming, news, technology, sales, marketing, digital, operations and policy.

Continuously updated, NetNewsCheck and TVNewsCheck both have companion e-newsletters and breaking news alerts that deliver headlines to readers' in-boxes or smartphones. Subscribe by clicking here.

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