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Digital Solutions Go For Simplicity


Software oriented new products include My Team Scoop, a fully hosted high school sports management platform from Presteligence that features a website, mobile site, branded apps, communication platform, and built-in CMS with reverse publishing. My Team Scoop combines news stories, team schedules, rosters, scores, stats and league standings. "Fans can follow teams and players for real time score updates and news alerts via texts, emails, and push notifications from branded iOS and Android Apps," says representative Denise Franken. The platform’s real time reporting capabilities relay a play-by-play account of the game—giving readers an experience only seen before at a professional sports level.  “It's proven to increase pageviews, visits and time on page,” Franken says. “Companies can build an email marketing database and target based on sport, school, league, and team. Geo-targeted promotions, contests, photo sales and text sponsorships are examples of how high school sports can be monetized."


Brainworks’ new Mobile CRM and Mobile Data Mining applications give sales reps and other mobile employees access to the services and data they need in the field. Mobile CRM provides the rep with access to customer information, research tools and the ability to enter orders directly into the Brainworks advertising system. The Mobile Data Mining application gives reps, managers and staff access to the same level of reporting as in-house employees. They can create and/or modify appointments, call and to-do items and emails. Research tools, reporting tools, mapping tools and a library of files are all available instantly and sales reps can enter new or pickup previous print and digital ad orders and receive real time, accurate price quotes. Finally, reps can take payments from customers with PCI-compliant payment software.


TownNews.com has enhanced the digital replica with BLOX Live e-Editions, which is fully integrated with BLOX CMS. "With BLOX Live e-Editions, your replica doesn't have to be stale," says TownNews.com marketing coordinator Aaron Gillette. "Updates to the web versions of your stories can be mirrored to your e-Edition. And you can easily add photo galleries, videos and more, taking your e-Edition far beyond a typical static replica."

The Next Generation of Obituaries, a new digital platform from Legacy.com, strategically positioning the category for the future while bringing greater emphasis to funeral homes and honoring the deceased. Another new program, Funeral Home Local Spotlight, helps newspapers build strong relationships with funeral homes by offering them a unique way to feature their obituaries on the newspaper’s home page, while assisting families who want to honor loved ones.

MultiAd recently made the switch from AdBuilder to CreativeOutlet.com and will focus on art, design software and selling tools. "Creativeoutlet.com, Creator Professional and Recas give designers what they need to design better and sell more," says Tammy Ramp, MultiAd's business development manager. "Come see me at Booth 48!"


The Block Electronic News Network (BENN) is focused on increasing digital revenue for community papers, eliminating digital expenses and some new reporting analytics BENN can provide to partner papers. "BENN provides papers access to the largest national ad networks which typically bypass smaller websites as a way to increase digital revenue," says Jack Ratzsch, who heads publisher recruitment for the company "BENN can also provide a full-featured web CMS product at no charge to papers that meet monthly pageview minimums. Optional BENN approved third party partners bring added revenue to partner papers as well.

SCS’s Community Advertising features retail and classified order entry, accounts receivable, display ad dummying, classified pagination, ad production management and news pagination management for QuarkXPress™, Adobe InDesign® and free Scribus. Add-on modules support web-based self-service. "It is available in the form of Software as a Service to minimize upfront costs and capital expenditures," says Phil Curtolo, SCS director of sales. “SCS builds trusted newspaper systems. The Community Advertising System allows us to introduce these systems to community-focused dailies and weeklies at an affordable monthly cost.”

Whizti’s custom mobile apps and HTML5 mobile web solutions for newspaper and broadcast TV publishers can go “live” in 30-45 days. "We leverage our cloud-based normalization engine so these solutions support various paid content models, multiple CMSs (stories, video, photos, obits, blogs), existing ad servers and analytics, user-generated content, breaking news tickers and have built-in server side content search," says Arun Walawalkar of the Business Development Sector at Whizti. "We offer this as a service, taking care of mobile content access from the time it leaves a client's CMS until it gets into hands of readers."

Hatchback, MANSI Media’s new mobile retargeting platform for news media apps, connects to the existing apps of news media companies and anonymously collects travel patterns. “Not only does this technology allow news media companies to collect data about their app users, but it also allows them to present ad targeting opportunities to their advertisers, says Lisa Knight, vice president of advertising at MANSI, which is the ad placement arm of the Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association. “With Hatchback, news media companies will be able to grow their mobile revenue by sending their advertisers’ messages to audiences based on where they’ve been, where they are now and where they may go next."


Since combining DTI, SAXOTECH and Atex, Inc., NEWSCYCLE Solutions serves more than 500 media companies in more than 30 countries on five continents. In Booth 35 at America East, NEWSCYCLE features its entire suite of advertising, audience, content, circulation and analytics solutions. “Our customers benefit from the strength of three industry-leading companies being brought together—it brings a fresh perspective,” says Randal Meske, vice president of sales, Americas. “NEWSCYCLE Solutions is built to help news media publishers not only be successful, but thrive in the news media environment.”

CityPortals offers a local market platform featuring content management, revenue generation, business directory and search engine optimization. "A partnership with us includes a complete cloud-based platform, a full suite of products and services along with proven processes designed to quickly create a market dominant digital media business," said company CEO Dan Myers. To attend CityPortals’ invitation-only information session on Tuesday April 1 from 3 to 4 p.m., please contact Jim Burke, jburke@cityportals.com.

New solutions from Tecnavia focus on “helping publishers evolve into the broader world of electronic publishing,” says Toni Marsco, the company's sales and marketing coordinator. Web browser eEditions have a new look and are mobile aware, thanks to HTML5. Apple iOS and Android Apps also have new interfaces and support phones and tablets. “Today we see publishers going beyond replica eEditions to generate revenue from original digital-only products for iPad and iPhone, all produced without changing editorial or production systems,” Marsco says. New Tecnavia apps can present real-time web news and digital ads. What’s more, live news can be combined with eEditions, meaning one app can supply all your content in front or behind the paywall. Speaking of paywalls, Tecnavia can now meter and control access to web stories along with eEditions, at low rates with no revenue share. Readers benefit from a single-sign on, while publishers can track activity.