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From Pre-Press to Mailroom, Production Partners Unveil New Ways to Streamline and Modernize Workflow


Gary Blakeley, recently named director of global service and technical support at Southern Lithoplate, will be on hand at America East. With a career spanning 30 years, Blakely has a background in information technology, prepress production, operations, purchasing and safety. He heads business development and is charged with strengthening existing partnerships with Southern Lithoplate Strategic Alliance members and with cultivating new vendor relationships while collaborating with national account managers on prospect development.

Muller Martini's new Rebuild Program allows for the complete remanufacturing of each feeder which can significantly—and cost effectively—enhance the performance of SLS inserters, according to company spokesperson Angela Buttacavoli. "The SLS3000 Gripper Upgrade easily handles a wide range of packaging production challenges, from variable page counts to hefty packages,” Buttacavoli says. “We will show off some of the industry’s thickest Sunday papers being transported by our world-class grippers." Muller Martini will also display its SAM software, a centralized production planning system that coordinates information and product flow from all areas of a mailroom’s operation.

GIS’s new GIS HEAVY DUTY XSTREAM GRIPPERS are the ideal replacement gripper for the Muller Martini AlphaLiner, SLS1000, SLS2000 and SLS3000 inserters, according to GIS Senior VP Bruce Barna. In fact, when Chesapeake Publishing wanted to improve the efficiency of its inserting process, the company purchased the solution for its Muller Martini SLS1000. “GIS HEAVY DUTY XSTREAM GRIPPERS will not drop thin or thick products up to 999 pages throughout the processing line and feature the exclusive GIS 10-Year Warranty."  The Chicago Tribune recently contracted with GIS as “exclusive reseller” for the entire inventory of the recently shuttered Chicago Tribune Freedom Center North production facility so stop by the GIS exhibit, Booth #83, to preview the extensive equipment inventory with an original value over $40 million.

Rima-System also keeps the focus on post press products. "Whether overhead or flat conveying, stacking for press (heatset and coldset), mailroom or bindery, log stacking, rotary trimming and robotic palletizing – with innovative technology and consistent quality, we customize post press systems and increase productivity for newspaper and commercial printers," says Andrea Hunter, a sales administrator at Rima System. "We also exclusively represent CIVIEMME-SYSTEM conveying, log stacking and palletizing systems in the U.S. and Canada. 

Thomas Northup, president of MotterStitch Company, Inc., of Charleston, R.I., says the company will display the MotterStitch In-Line, a single round, two-head, mechanical stitcher head that wows crowds with demonstrations of ribbon stitching as well as different configurations of cylinder stitching applications. "Lastly, MotterStitch will also introduce a thumb indexing cutting concept, drawings and parts, " Northup says.

FUJIFILM’s new environmentally friendly plate products include the Ecomaxx TN, a no chem thermal plate, and a violet low chem plate. "Along with this we will have the latest info on the current CTP offerings for both thermal and violet systems," says spokesperson Lorna Borghese, "and we will have plate samples in the booth for all to see and touch."

Millennium Wire & Steel (MWS), the exclusive distributor of stitching wire produced by Conflandey of France, will be exhibiting the newest generation of the product. Conflandey has supplied stitching wire for over five decades in the U.S. "There are rarely new products in stitching wire, however, we work with our customers for new solutions," says MWS President Charles Wimpfheimer. "Specifically, we have developed some wire for customers that have alternative diameters and strengths, which yields them better performance and improved inventory controls."

Goss International, and Ferag AG, exhibiting together at America East, focus on innovative and cost-effective solutions, aligned with the requirements of newspaper publishers and printers, to expand revenue opportunities, reduce production costs and adopt more efficient, simplified print workflows. These include the new Goss Magnum Compact single-width press with Autoplate technology, which provides the make-ready agility for run lengths as low as 1,000 copies, and the new Ferag High Performance Stacker and High Performance Conveyor. "Goss and Ferag will also highlight their unique project management expertise and resources for the North American market and their wide range of aftermarket service and enhancement options that deliver high value and fast ROI,” says Marketing Manager Greg Norris.

New updates to Print2Finish’s print quality control package from Q.I. Press Controls offer savings as well as improved quality. Because there is no need for a color bar, the platform is especially applicable for gapless press technology. Scanning the actual printed surface allows the system to automatically detect print problems and defects. "Not only can the system detect faults, smearing, hickies and folds, it also measures dot gain, toning and other parameters not detectable by the human eye," says company President Larry Macko. The latest system feature is closed loop water control. This capability eliminates operator intervention to adjust/control the water, reducing ink consumption (realizing 9% ink savings in some applications), increasing print quality, and reducing pollution on the press. "It's a comprehensive package including color, cut-off and side-lay registration, fan-out control (either manual or closed-loop) and the Quality Management Database/Reporting system will provide labor savings, reduce consumables and waste, shorten production time and improve overall quality," Macko says.

Pressline Services has introduced technology to retrofit a newspaper’s existing press equipment to produce a “compact format” newspaper approximately 15” tall by 11” wide. Samples of two different “compact format” newspapers are shared at Booth 74 B.

Harland Simon’s manroland upgrades to reelstands improve performance and remove obsolete equipment from newspaper production. "For over thirty years we have been at the forefront of press drives and controls and associated computer management systems and production tools," says John Staiano, managing director for the company's American operation. "We still offer ‘turnkey’ systems for new presses, but our cost effective upgrade solutions can also provide real benefits to existing presses. We can work with any OEM press manufacturer – Goss, KBA, MAN, Wifag, PPSI and we can even replace our competitors’ control systems while keeping your presses in daily production. Furthermore, our expertise isn’t only available within the press hall. Recent projects have included taking control of mailroom equipment such as inserters, stackers and conveyors and providing overall mailroom management systems."

Design2Pro’s web-based solution to page and ad design, layout and production can cut the cost of composing news pages and ads by as much as 75 percent over the cost of doing this work in-house. "Thanks to the connectivity of the web, tabloid pages can be produced starting at just $10 a page and broadsheets starting at $15,” says Howard Barbanel, Design2Pro’s VP of marketing. Design2Pro’s Ad Factory ads-only service, allows publishers to produce even complicated supermarket and car dealer ads for as little as $8 each.